Interface for CAM and Machine Simulation

June 14, 2012
Delcam and Spring Technologies offer a direct link from PowerMILL to NCSIMUL

CAM software developer Delcam plc and Spring Technologies have developed a direct interface between Delcam’s PowerMILL high-speed and five-axis machining program and Spring Technologies’ NCSIMUL software for machining simulation. The interface will allow PowerMILL users to simulate all of their toolpaths, and simplify the effort of checking and validating their milling toolpaths before sending them to a machine tool. The latter is particularly important for shops and OEMs that manufacture high-value component parts.

The new interface allows machinists to run NCSIMUL simulations within Delcam’s PowerMILL program for high-speed machining.

NCSIMUL is a comprehensive program for simulating, verifying, optimizing and reviewing CNC machining programs.

Through the direct link between the two programs, NCSIMUL has made all the technological advantages of its simulation available to the Delcam users. Comprehensive tests can be made on the computer, using the software’s knowledge of milling applications. For example, the simulations guard against machine or part breakage, and they allow operators to use cutting tools with greater efficiency.

Cutting conditions can be optimized to improve machine tool productivity, too. Also, the program allows job set-up sheets can be standardized readily, so that everyone involved in the production process can communicate or comment on it easily.

According to Delcam, NCSIMUL’s ability to determine “safe and optimized” toolpaths was the impetus for developing the internal link. “We have really focused our work on developing a friendly and easy-to-use interface to facilitate the transfer of all kinds of data: parts, clamps, stocks, etc,” explained Fikret Kalay, director of Delcam France Professional Services.

Noting that the new interface allows PowerMILL users to choose the appropriate machine and post-processor, automatically generate tool data for NCSIMUL, and launch the simulation project securely, Kalay said “the combination of PowerMILL and NCSIMUL will make it easier for users to gain greater productivity, while ensuring safe machining.”

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