GF AgieCharmilles, Metalcam Partner on Wire EDM CAM Software

Feb. 8, 2010
Machine builder says new CAM software offers CAD capabilities, 2X-cutting with conic features, simulation and G-code editing, and collar wizard for die makers.

Wire EDM machine specialist GF AgieCharmilles entered into a partenership with Metalcam that will see it include the latter’s new AC CAM Easy software on every machine in its new CUT 20P/30P series of wire-cutting EDM. These machines are said to combine performance with ease-of-use, for standard parts and general engineering applications.

The new program, AC CAM Easy, was designed specifically for GF AgieCharmilles’ CUT 20P and 30P machines — though based on Metalcam’s flagship product, Fikus Visualcam for wire EDM, with which it is fully compatible (as also with Fikus Fastwire and AC Geo files.)

It simplifies preparation of ISO files during machine production, to improve the quality of finished parts and reduce programming time. Also, users will find it possible to execute a range of jobs without external applications, from contour creation to part production.

AgieCharmille said AC CAM Easy includes CAD capabilities; 2X-cutting with conic features; simulation and G-code editing; and collar wizard for die makers. Optional features include no-core-cut processes, gear design, 3D data translators and text capabilities.

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