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Engraving Software Program Adapts to CNC Machinery

Feb. 8, 2010
2L incs PRO 3 produces 2D data-matrix barcodes.

There’s no need to explain the advantages of barcodes for process and product quality monitoring, and producing engraved 2D data-matrix barcodes along with the human readable text directly on the CNC machining centers often reduce manufacturing costs significantly. But, using a standalone engraving machine to produce 2D data-matrix barcodes can cause manufacturing bottlenecks and add handling and setup time.

PRO 3 CAD/CAM prepares G-code programs produce 2D data-matrix barcodes on 3- or 4-axis CNC milling machines or multi axis lathes.

A new engraving software program, PRO 3 CAD/CAM from 2L inc. is available now, to prepare G-code programs for producing 2D data-matrix barcodes on 3- or 4-axis CNC milling machines or multi axis lathes. The developer says it allows users to conduct Direct Part Marking (DPM) using standard 2L engraving tools with installed CNC equipment. No special equipment or machines are required to begin engraving the barcodes.

PRO 3 is a full-featured, simple-to-use drawing program that produces standard G-code NC files that are compatible with virtually any CNC controller. So, users can produce 2D data-matrix barcodes with their existing CNC equipment.

The program creates precise engraving layouts using multiple fonts, drawn shapes, lines and incremental serial numbers along with 2D data-matrix barcodes. Engraving layouts can be precisely located using reference geometry or guidelines; layout orientation, alignment, spacing and size of multiple instances of text are easy to manage.

The 2D data-matrix barcodes can be produced using any standard 2L engraving tool with either a rigid toolholder or a spring-loaded engraving tool.

"Our new program offers a complete easy to use solution for both the daily straightforward engraving jobs as well as the much more difficult engraving such as 4 axis engraving or programming multi axis lathes", added the spokesman.

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