"Fully Integrated BobCAM for SolidWorks CAM Software

June 24, 2010
Automatic 2-, 3-, and 4-axis machining without using a separate CAM for toolpath and G-Code programming.

BobCAM for SolidWorks users can create special tool patterns for hole drilling, as well as any of the other machining strategies offered in BobCAM

BobCAD-CAM, a design and manufacturing platform that emphasizes its "affordability,” has released BobCAM for SolidWorks — a programming "add-in” for SolidWorks design software customers worldwide. It makes it possible for SolidWorks users to take advantage of the BobCAM automatic two-, three-, and four-axis machining capabilities without having to use a separate CAM system for toolpath and G-Code programming.

According to the developers, the primary advantage of BobCAM is that all machining operations can be defined, calculated and verified without leaving the parametric SolidWorks design environment. All two-, three-, and four-axis machining features are fully associative to the part model. If any changes are made to a SolidWorks model, all the CAM operations are easily updated. Full associativity between the SolidWorks design and machining operations in the new CAM tree effectively reduces errors when the part model is changed.

Users have the ability to create special tool patterns for hole drilling, as well as any of the other machining strategies offered in BobCAM. These tool patterns and cutting conditions can be associated with the specific part being machined or used globally throughout the system. The user simply loads the machining feature, selects the model and BobCAM loads all of the depths and correct tools for the operation.

Then, users can further customize the operations and automatically generate the toolpaths and g-code program for the machine of choice. BobCAM offers powerful functionality for profiling, pocketing, engraving, plunge roughing as well as the more advanced three-axis toolpaths such as Z-Level roughing and finishing operations. BobCAM provides a material and tool database that can be customized as well as fully customizable post processors for CNC milling, routers, waterjet, laser and burning machines. BobCAM includes virtual toolpath simulation, RS 232 communications and DNC capabilities. BobCAM comes with a comprehensive built-in help system as well as full user training manual.

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