Developer Targets Job Shops, Contract Manufacturers with Scalable Software

Sept. 2, 2010
Exact JobBOSS delivers multi-tiered implementation options

Exact, a business software developer, introduced what it calls “an unprecedented solution” for job shops and specialty contract manufacturers. The Exact JobBOSS software is targeted at small and mid-sized operations with a range software needs and budget requirements, and Exact has made implementing it simple and easy to accommodate for the varying levels of technical expertise and experience at companies selecting and implementing job-shop software.

“The world is changing, and shop owners must adapt quickly to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in the market,” explained JobBOSS general manager Matt Heerey. “This new approach to delivering JobBOSS will allow our future customers to determine which offering best meets the needs of both their shop and their budget.”

The software is offered in three packages, so companies can select the offering that fits their business the best:
JobBOSS Starter Edition is a basic option, specifically for shops that need a simple way to track jobs from quoting to delivery. The Starter Edition can be downloaded directly from Exact and installed on a designated workstation with no need for a software consultant. It helps shop owners organize job-control processes and control them in a controlled environment quickly and easily.
JobBOSS Professional Edition supports prototype and production activities, which includes repeat parts, one -time or one-off parts, and/or mixed-mode manufacturing. This allows shop owners to “manage the chaos” by quoting to customer-driven requirements without sacrificing the flexibility to make changes on the fly to quantities, routings, materials, production schedule and deliveries. And,
JobBOSS Enterprise Edition is designed for companies already familiar with ERP software and who expect complete job control. It offers a growth path into more complete business process management and automation.

“These solutions not only make it possible for a business to select the capabilities it needs today, but it can also plan to gradually adopt the next level solution as its needs change,” added Heerey. “Today, job requirements may be predictable, but tomorrow’s market opportunities may require variable pricing, routings, and scheduling. With JobBOSS, a shop won’t have to worry that they are overinvesting in technology because they’ll know from the start that we have the solution to support them as their business grows and evolves.”

JobBOSS version 11.3 has been streamlined for simpler installation and more user-friendliness. It includes numerous major enhancements, including a new Serialization module for job shops seeking opportunities in industries that require some level of part serialization (e.g., medical devices or electronics manufacturing industries.)

V. 11.3 also includes a new integration to QuickBooks, and a self-install wizard designed to accelerate the time necessary to start up and quote, schedule and deliver jobs.

“The great strength of job shops and contract manufacturers in America has been their ability to survive and adapt to changing conditions,” stated Harry Merkin, Exact Americas v.p. Marketing. “We’ve created the new JobBOSS Serialization module to help smaller manufacturers meet the requirements of new markets and pursue new revenue streams for the business.”

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