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Oqton software is now a part of Valk Welding’s Automatic Robot Programming (ARP) platform for high-mix, low-volume production.

Intelligent Software to Speed Robotic Welding

Jan. 31, 2023
Oqton software is now available as part of Valk Welding’s Automatic Robot Programming platform for high-mix, low-volume welding that is faster and more economical than manual processes.

OQTON, a software developer, struck a partnership with Valk Welding to become part of Valk’s Automatic Robotic Programming (ARP) platform for high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) production. The new techniques and processes that Oqton and Valk will develop together are intended to improve the results of robotic welding applications for unique or small-batch production – applications that may be economical only as a manual process.

Steel fabricators producing lifting platforms, transport pallets, fencing, and automotive subframes are some examples of HMLV robotic welding that are likely to gain advantages from the Valk Welding ARP with Oqton software.

Oqton develops “intelligent manufacturing” software used to program additive production, 3D scanning, and robotic welding. Valk Welding develops turnkey systems for robotic welding, for small-to-medium production requirements.

With Oqton software, the Valk Welding ARP generates robotic welding programs “autonomously,” directly from 3D CAD files, reducing programming requirements and costs. It relies on artificial intelligence to learn from an operator’s best practices to refine processes for future parts.

As a result, welders can use Oqton software without prior knowledge of robots or 3D geometry.

Manufacturers working with Valk Welding ARP will be able to program robots 10X faster than standard offline programming for arc welding; and, automated robotic welding with Oqton becomes 3X faster than manual welding, at up to 4X lower cost than manual labor.

“We’re super excited to be partnering with Valk Welding.Together we will help customers take their first steps towards fully automatic robot welding, using ARP powered by Oqton,” according to Mark Forth, General Manager of Industrial Manufacturing at Oqton.

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