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Mastercam 2023 improvements are directly driven by Mastercam users and shops.

2023 CAD/CAM Update Consolidates Multi-Axis Toolpaths

July 27, 2022
The latest Mastercam release consolidates multi-axis toolpath programming, and adds a finishing toolpath for Mill-Turn operations that allows for rotation of the B-axis while the tool is cutting.

CNC SOFTWARE LLC will be demonstrating the latest functions available in Mastercam 2023 at IMTS 202 – booth 13322, and at the Student Summit booth 215200. Also, more than 40 parts will be programmed and on display by Mastercam partner at their own booths.

Mastercam is a CAD/CAM suite developed to reduce production time and expense with efficient machining strategies and advanced toolpath technologies, like Accelerated Finishing and Dynamic Motion.

Manufacturers worldwide were invited to test-drive Mastercam 2023 during the Public Beta Program before it was released, and they provided feedback that helped to define the final program. Many of the improvements in Mastercam 2023 are directly driven by Mastercam users and shops.

Some of the new functions offered in Mastercam 2023 are:
  Consolidating Multiaxis Toolpaths. Morph, Parallel, Along Curve, and Project Curve are no longer individual toolpaths in Mastercam 2023. Rather, the Unified toolpath allows access to these cut patterns when adding the appropriate curves. For example, to create a toolpath that morphs between two surfaces, select Unified from the Multiaxis toolpaths, and then set the Cut Pattern to two surfaces with the Morph style.

  Detecting Undercut Stock When Machining. The Dynamic OptiRough and Area Roughing toolpaths can now be aware of undercut stock conditions, resulting in improvement to the toolpath motion, including less air cutting.

New B-Axis Contour Turning Toolpath. Mastercam 2023 introduces a new toolpath to the Turning suite for the Mill-Turn product. B-Axis Contour Turning is a finishing toolpath that allows for rotation of the B-axis while the tool is cutting. The toolpath features a top-down workflow and provides either Automatic or Manual motion control. Automatic mode produces safe toolpath motion that keeps the insert in contact with the contour. Manual mode offers full control over the B-axis angles along the contour.

Numerous other new features and enhancements are available to Mastercam 2023 subscribers.

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