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Advanced Programming Software and Postprocessor

June 29, 2022
Following NCL multi-axis machining software comes PostWorks Connect – a universal two- through 10-axis postprocessor and postprocessor generator, with an easy-to-use interface and advanced functionality for controlling machine codes.

NCCS, the developer of NCL multi-axis machining software will be exhibiting at IMTS 2022 – booth 121649 – and showcasing the latest version of its NCL along with PostWorks Connect, an advanced multi-axis universal postprocessor; NCL/IPV, which provides high-performance, realistic, simultaneous material removal; and CNC machine tool simulation.

NCL offers a blend of automated and user-controlled toolpath generation techniques that result in reduced programming and machine cycle time, and increased quality.  NCL’s combination of power, flexibility and tool control will give users a distinct advantage over the competition by allowing users to quickly produce any part quickly, reduce machine time, improve quality, and increase profits. 

NCL runs in the Windows 64Bit environment, as well as in the 32Bit environment.  The increased memory allocation of the 64Bit processing environment provides better performance and stability. 

PostWorks is a universal two- through 10-axis postprocessor and postprocessor generator.  “With five-axis + support, the ability to convert NC code for virtually any machine / controller combination, and a host of intuitive features as standard, PostWorks is the only post processor you’ll ever need,” according to the developer

PostWorks Connect is the latest innovation, combining an easy-to-use interface, with advanced functionality for complete control for your machine code.  Highlighted features of PostWorks include:
  Complete cycle support for five-axis+ ;
  One postprocessor solution for all machines;
  Total output control, with the ability to adjust output data with scale, mirror, translate, and rotate;
  Developed to optimize the performance of CNC machines;
  Macro capability for advanced customization;
  Plug-in control to convert any known CAD/CAM format for virtually any CNC machine;
  Complete cycle support and customization; and
  Clone existing posts with the ability to quickly modify specific aspects for machines with similar configurations.

These features of NCL and PostWorks will help companies to get the most out of their software investment by increasing programming proficiency, in addition to improving the quality and accuracy of their NC programs.

Get more information at www.nccs.com

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