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Cutting Tool Drafting Software Package

Nov. 25, 2020
A software package dedicated to producing 2D cutting tool drawings reduces hours of workflow into a few clicks.

ANCA CNC MACHINES has developed ToolDraft to assist cutting-tool manufacturers to develop technical patterns for their products. Like all manufactured parts, cutting tools require technical drawings to make a design a reality, and best practice emphasizes the importance of a tool drawing that is detailed, clear, and precise. Tool drawings serve as a reference for operators to produce tools accurately and consistently, provide a record of the tool, and make possible design revision.

Drawings also are used when recommending designs to customers for quoting purposes.

As a dedicated software package for producing 2D cutting tool drawings, ToolDraft helps users to reduce hours of workflow into a few clicks. Once a tool is created using ToolRoom (version 2016 or later) or CIM3D (version 8.1 or later), it can be sent to ToolDraft in a matter of seconds, with a click of the icon. Cutting tool manufacturers who have a backlog of tools not yet drawn will benefit from ToolDraft and its ability to produce detailed, 2D cutting-tool drawings in minutes rather than hours.

“ToolDraft is quick, easy to use, and saves time as it allows complex geometries that are difficult to draw to be simply created and dimensioned,” according to Simon Richardson, ANCA product manager. “As the software is specifically designed for cutting tools, it offers features that 2D CAD software may not have. Time saved using ToolDraft will provide a quick return on investment for any company looking to find efficiency in their production.” 

ToolDraft follows Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing (GD&T) and ISO standards. Included in the software is a library of drafting symbols, feature control frames and annotations for GD&T purposes. Dimensions can be applied to a range of various tool views and customised, if required. Leader lines with text can be placed on to a drawing to describe unique features and information. In cases when a small section of geometry needs to be highlighted, multiple detailed tool section views can be added to the drawing.

ToolDraft also has the ability to add cross-section views chosen by the user anywhere along the axial position of the tool.

Companies developing a tool catalogue will find ToolDraft valuable as templates can be saved that contain title blocks to meet company standards. Users also can insert images, tables, and company logos, as well as add multiple pages to a drawing and change text and line styles. In addition, grinding wheel packs used to grind the tool are imported into ToolDraft, and then added to the drawing for dimensioning. Single and multiple wheels can be shown, and users can import wheel packs and arbors for different ANCA grinding machine models. Exporting using PDF and DXF formats is also possible. 

Simon Richardson added: “A benefit of ToolDraft is requiring minimal CAD drawing knowledge to become an expert in creating tool drawings. The software allows a short learning curve, enabling drawings to be realised in just minutes. But the real beauty of ToolDraft is the in-built capability for dimensioning geometry such as helix, hook and relief angles specific to a cutting tool – which can be done in a few clicks.”

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