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Virtual Machining, AM, and Automation in CAD/CAM Suite

June 3, 2020
Updates to OPEN MIND's hyperMILL® CAD/CAM software suite bring a range of user-friendly enhancements and new machining strategies for accurate, efficient 3D and five-axis machining.

OPEN MIND Technologies AG will be demonstrating the latest versions of its hyperMILL® CAD/CAM software suite, with a range of user-friendly enhancements and important new machining strategies that advance capabilities for accurate, efficient 3D and five-axis machining.

Developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining features a VIRTUAL Machining Optimizer that provides innovative solutions over and above simulation and identifying error conditions. These capabilities improve toolpaths that are traditionally calculated in the CAM engine, and incorporate knowledge of the part model, tooling, the toolpath calculation, and collision check engine, and the machine tool model with its physical constraints. The hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining Optimizer allows individual part programs to be linked with smooth and safe connections, so that the cutter remains close to the workpiece.

A new hyperMILL® Automation Center let users automate job list-creation processes in hyperCAD®-S, serving as both a development and runtime environment. New features also include the ability to select and position the clamping device, as well as define a uniform process for all programmers.

The powerful ADDITIVE Manufacturing process in hyperMILL® CAM software supports 3D printing and subtractive machining on one machine tool. hyperMILL® ADDITIVE Manufacturing technology offers flexible strategies for additive material applications, including filling strategies for both planes and free-form shapes, and in 2D and 3D sections.

Applications also include hybrid machining to fix damaged parts and additive machining of an existing component.

OPEN MIND's hyperMILL® CAM software allows advanced five-axis strategies for fast, easy-to-use programming, resulting in reduced cycle times and high-quality surface finishes. The integrated hyperMILL® MAXX Machining finishing module, a performance package of the hyperMILL® CAM software suite, is the CAM programming source for conical barrel cutter technology, to reduce machining cycle times by over 90%. It is recommended for planar, ruled, and curved surfaces often found in complex five-axis components. hyperMILL® MAXX Machining offers three powerful modules: finishing, roughing and drilling.

OPEN MIND Technologies will be exhibiting at IMTS 2020, Booth 133351.

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