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Weekly Update 07/17/2008

July 17, 2008


BIG Kaiser

Cut the chatter with BIG Kaiser Rough Boring heads. The patented design of Kaiser twin insert boring heads delivers the ultimate flexibility for high-performance rough and semi-finish boring. Kaiser Rough Boring Tools are optimized for high feed rates and provide stability for deep bores. Perfect for heavy-duty large part production, the compact design and positive cutting geometry result in almost chatter-free operation - even in interrupted cuts and at high speeds. Learn more about BIG Kaiser's IMTS giveaway at:


Fine Boring Heads
New fine boring heads provide 30 percent higher rigidity than previous generations because of their cylinder and flange tool-fixing design. The design allows for higher machining data and increased productivity. Read Full Story

Swiss-Type Rotary Broaching Attachment
A new rotary broaching attachment for the Swiss screw machine industry, has a small profile and quick-set design that eliminates an otherwise lengthy setup. Rotary broaching attachments enable manufacturers to produce complex forms, such as hexes, splines and other regular shapes, in nearly any metal on nearly any machine while eliminating secondary operations. Read Full Story

Depressed-Center Grinding Wheels
New depressed-center grinding wheels for cutting and notching are designed to be used with steel and cast iron and are manufactured from aluminum oxide grain and R-grade bond for clean, steady cutting action. Read Full Story

Dead-Length Collet Chucks
Collet chucks with parallel gripping, four-split collet heads can maximize gripping and provide instant centering, and can increase your machining capabilities. Read Full Story

Direct-Drive Rotary Table
A new rotary table provides stable, high-efficiency, 4-axis machining with powerful clamping and high-precision indexing. It uses a direct-drive motor to drive table rotation rather than a servo motor and worm gear. Read Full Story

Safe, Environmentally Friendly Cutting Oils
If you need neat cutting oils that comply with environmental guidelines and promote cleaner machining operations, check out this new series of metalworking oils that are vegetable based and free of mineral oil and chlorinated additives. Read Full Story

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Hot Products

Sterling Machinery has a new buyers guide! This will tell you what to look for when purchasing Metal Working & Fabricating Equipment. Sterling Machinery Buys, sells, Trade all types of used machinery including Press Brakes, Lathes, Grinders, Mills, Shears, Used Saws and more. Visit or Call Us Today! Click Here

Okuma is a world leader in the development of computer numeric controls (CNC) and machining technology. Okuma vertical and horizontal machining centers, lathes, double column machining centers, grinders, and wheel machines offer users high throughout, high accuracy, reliable solutions to production machining operations.Click Here

AM Webcasts

Sponsor: GE Fanuc

Best Kept Secrets of CNC Connectivity-July 23,2008 2:00 pm EST
How to get data into and out of a control

In our latest installment of the GE Fanuc Best Kept Secrets webcast series, we'll show you how the various communications technologies available with today's CNCs will give your production team a distinct competitive advantage. GE Fanuc Productivity Product Manager Mark Brownhill will answer many commonly asked questions end users ask when trying to connect to their CNC production data.

Join us July 23 at 2:00 pm EST and learn how you can improve data availability and maximize business performance by utilizing these Best Kept Secrets of CNC Connectivity.
Click Here To Register

Sponsor: Epicor

Striving to reduce costs and increase profitability while remaining competitive is no easy task. - July 30,2008 2:00 pm EST

Epicor Manufacturing talks about ways to plan, schedule, execute and monitor your manufacturing operations - from raw materials to final product - to develop your highest level of flexibility and agility, and to make your operations more competitive.

Join us July 30,2008 at 2:00 pm EST
Click Here To Register

AM Workshop

American Machinist Presents: Machine Shop Workshop - November 12-14,2008

The only event that focuses on the business side of running a machine shop. Join owners and top managers to explore strategies and improve your business. Register now and save at: Click Here


American Machinist Announces Launch Of Machine Tool Theater

American Machinist is pleased to announce the beta launch of Machine Tool Theater at Visit Machine Tool Theater; watch videos about machining and machining equipment. You'll see faster, more precise machines; cutting tools to process virtually any material; finishing technologies; automation systems; quality instruments and manufacturing software. You'll see how to reduce cycle times and increase productivity.Click Here

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