The Mitutoyo MACH3A CMM is a horizontalarm machine capable of high speed max speed of 1212 mms and high acceleration max acceleration of 11882 mms2 both in vector direction that contributes to high throughput for greater productivity and lower total owning and operating costs

New CMM Developed for In-Line Applications

Nov. 7, 2012
Horizontal-arm machine with high speed, high acceleration Comprehensive measurements allow SPC using numeric data Highly resistant to dust, mist, humidity

The MACH-3A CNC coordinate measuring machine newly available from Mitutoyo America Corporation is a CMM that elevates the level accuracy and performance that may be expected for in-line applications.  Instead of basic “go/no-go” evaluations that are common with in-line gauging, the MACH-3A CNC performs comprehensive measurements that make it possible to conduct statistical control using numeric data. 

Mitutoyo describes the MACH-3A as a “clean slate design” with numerous features incorporated for functionality and high-performance for in-line applications.  The developer is the world's largest provider of measurement and inspection technologies, including machines, sensors, systems, and services including CMMs, vision, form and finish measuring machines, precision tools and instruments, and metrology data management software.

The MACH-3A CNC is a horizontal-arm type machine with high speed and high acceleration (max. speed of 1,212 mm/s, max. acceleration of 11,882 mm/s2 … both in vector direction) that help to increase throughput rates, so the system enhances productivity and with lower total costs for ownership and operation.

It is compact, requiring only a minimal envelope, which minimizes its impact on line layouts.  Along with its high-environmental resistance, this makes the MACH-3A easy to integrate into both upstream and downstream processes - even under demanding production floor conditions.

Mitutoyo offers that conventional CMMs typically require dust-controlled environments to maintain accuracy.  But, with a drive unit protected by covers, precision linear guide systems for each axis instead of air bearings, and with its controller and PC installed in a dust-proof housing, the Mitutoyo MACH-3A is highly resistant to the effects of dust, mist and humidity. 

Also, the MACH-3A tolerates a wide range of operating temperatures, and is guaranteed to maintain accuracy between 5° and 40°C. 

Other production-oriented design factors include a machine status indicator (signaling machine fault or abnormal measurement), an ergonomically positioned touch-panel monitor with built-in compact keyboard, plus a built-in, industrial-grade controller and PC.

The MACH-3A CMM is supplied with standard with the developer’s standard programming, MCOSMOS (Mitutoyo Controlled Open System for Modular Operation Support), that supports almost all CAD formats while providing routines for in-line measurement, data feedback, and process management.  MACH-3A architecture and available Mitutoyo software packages make it easy to integrate the CMM with high-level networks, for enterprise-wide functionality.

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