Hexagon Metrology Cognitens WLS400A

IMTS 2012: Transforming Robots into High-Accuracy Metrology Devices

Aug. 10, 2012
Hexagon Metrology Inc. unveils its newest 3D optical solution for automated measurement applications.

Among its full complement of metrology solutions and an official Hendricks Motorsports racecar, Hexagon Metrology Inc. will be showcasing its newest products -- the Cognitens WLS400A for automated measurement applications and the PC-DMIS 2012 inspection software -- in its booth at the IMTS 2012 in Chicago next month.

The Cognitens WLS400A is designed for automated inspection applications. The 3D optical measurement solution can transform a robot into a high-accuracy metrology device. Ideal for the motor vehicle or aerospace industries, the white light based system is used to accurately measure large components, analyze early root causes of potential assembly issues, and lower scrap costs during assembly ramp-up. The manual version of the system, the Cognitens WLS400M can also be utilized for rapid prototype part development, and used to certify holding fixtures and assembly tools.

The WLS400A uses digital stereo vision technology to generate highly accurate 3D data in vibration-prone shop floor environments. Due to the system's ultra-fast data acquisition rate (less than 10 milliseconds), any vibration in frequencies up to hundreds of Hz do not affect the results. The device's performance is not impaired by variable lighting or temperature changes, making it a robust troubleshooting tool for complex engineering issues during product development or for automated measurement tasks. The 3D measurement solution can also be used to standardize quality criteria across global production facilities and with suppliers

Hexagon will also feature PC-DMIS 2012, the company's popular CMM software developed for the collection, evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing data. The software is standard on all Hexagon Metrology measurement devices, and also available on non-Hexagon equipment. Incremental improvements and new enhancements have been added to PC-DMIS 2012, which is used to create, automate and customize inspection routines, and to build lean manufacturing operations.