IMTS 2012: Custom Hydraulic Press Designs

Aug. 17, 2012
Greenerd shows off capabilities for customizable press applications.

Application experts will be on-hand at IMTS 2012 to showcase Greenerd Press & Machine Co., Inc.'s extensive hydraulic press capabilities and discuss specific user applications and press requirements for custom solutions.

Greenerd Presses are available as standard machines or can be designed for custom applications by expert engineers with extensive application experience. With product capabilities to 40,000 tons and bed sizes exceeding 240” (6,100mm), these designs range from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses.

As an example of the customizable options this range allows, the company points to a press completed recently in its Nashua, NH facility. This 562 ton triple-action draw press features a 280 ton cushion and a 30 ton ram-mounted knockout. The customer for the press -- a U.S. cookware manufacturer -- is using the increased productivity the press provides (including its 10” touchscreen press control and bar code scanner) to bring several product lines in-house from outside contractors.  

The company is also currently building a multiple-station "can line" that will produce deep drawn "cans".