Tower International produces structural stampings frames and assemblies for cars and pickup trucks with Ford Motor Co as a primary customer
<p>Tower International produces structural stampings, frames, and assemblies for cars and pickup trucks, with Ford Motor Co. as a primary customer.</p>

Tower International Expanding Auto Structures Plants

$50-million project for two Kentucky sites, ahead of new SUV program Auto frames More workspace, machinery 60 more jobs

Auto parts manufacturer Tower International Inc. has outlined capital investments totaling almost $50 million at two plants in Kentucky. Tower Intl. produces structural stampings, frames, and assemblies for cars and pickup trucks, supplying most of the major OEMs. 

The first project, worth $19.9-million, will expand the Tower Automotive Operations USA 1 LLC plant in Shepherdsville, Ky, by about 100,000 sq.ft. The second project, valued at $29.4 million, will see new manufacturing equipment at the Tower plant its Bardstown, Ky.

The company estimated the investments will result in up to 35 new jobs at Shepherdsville and 25 new jobs at the Bardstown location.

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, a development agency, has issued over $1.1 million in preliminary tax incentives to Tower Automotive to support the expansion projects.

According to a company spokesman, the improvements will prepare Tower Automotive to begin manufacturing automotive structures for sport utility vehicles.

Ford Motor Co. is the primary customer for the two Kentucky plants. Tower also supplies Nissan and Toyota production programs.

Tower International employs about 8,000 workers at 23 plants across the U.S., Europe, and India.

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