An Eve Air Mobility air taxi depicted over Tokyo.

Eve Draws Orders from Tokyo Air Charter Service

April 19, 2024
A letter of intent calls for the eVTOL start-up to provide as many as 50 of its new fixed-wing air taxis.

Air-taxi developer Eve Air Mobility inked a letter of intent with a Japanese helicopter charter service to supply up to 50 electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. AirX Inc. made a firm commitment to 10 of the eVTOL aircraft and optioned 40 more. The letter of intent also anticipates Eve supplying service and urban air-traffic management software for the new aircraft.

The value and schedule for the investment was not reported.

Eve is a business launched by Embraer SA based on its own aircraft technology.

eVTOLs or “air taxis” are projected to fill a need for short-distance transport of passengers and cargo. Eve is one of several eVTOL start-ups in development now (others include ventures by Airbus, Boeing, Honda, Stellantis, and Toyota) anticipating demand for air taxi operations for urban or local transportation and delivery services.

The Eve aircraft design uses fixed wings, rotors, and pushers, and has a projected range of 60 miles (100 km), for “sustainable” application as a carbon-free commuter vehicle and to reduce noise levels compared to current conventional aircraft.

Last year the Brazilian jet builder picked a location in Taubaté, near its own headquarters plant to manufacture the new series of eVTOLs. Eve has letters of intent for nearly 3,000 eVTOLs and it expects its first aircraft to enter into service in 2026.

Eve is also developing a portfolio of “agnostic service and operations solutions,” including Vector, an “urban air traffic” management software to optimize and scale urban air mobility operations worldwide.

AirX is planning the Tokyo metropolitan area’s first eVTOL test field, the UAM Centre, drawing on its own experience as the operator of the AIROS Skyview service since 2015.

“We are deeply impressed not only by Eve's technological capabilities, but also by their commitment to building an ecosystem,” stated AirX CEO Kiwamu Tezuka. “Our aim is to revolutionize the current industry, making transport services useful and affordable for everyone. By integrating our knowledge, experiences, and existing business platform with Eve's comprehensive solutions, we hope to overcome transportation limitations by advancing eVTOL operations in Japan.”

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