At Everett, Wash., Boeing Commercial Airplanes rolled out a 787-8, the first Boeing Dreamliner completed at the new rate of 10 airplanes/month. The buyer of this jet is International Lease Finance Corp., and it will be operated by Aeromexico.

Boeing Increases 787 Production Rate

Jan. 26, 2014
155 built to date Increased product three times in 14 months

Boeing Commercial Airplanes reported it has finished building the first 787 Dreamliner jet completed at new production rate, 10 airplanes per month. The specific jet, a 787-8 ordered by the International Lease Finance Co., will be delivered to Aeromexico for service. It is the 155th Dreamliner built overall, according to Boeing.

Since the Dreamliner’s commercial introduction in 2011, 115 787s have been delivered to 16 customers.

The 787 is a wide-body twin-engine aircraft with long range and carrying capacity for 210 to 330 passengers. Boeing calls it its most fuel-efficient commercial jet, with a structure based on a large volume of composite materials helping to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% versus similar-size jets. A more advanced aerodynamic design than previous jets, more advanced electric systems, and modern engines add to the 787’s appeal to airlines.

There are two variants of the Dreamliner in production now. Boeing assembles the jets at both its Everett, Wash., and North Charleston, S.C., manufacturing complexes.

According to its recent business summary for 2013, the 787 program delivered 65 jets last year, a new high, having increased the output rate three times in the past 14 months — starting from five planes/month in November 2012, and rising again to seven planes/month in May 2013.

Boeing has said the 10-per-month rate is the highest ever for twin-aisle commercial jet.

Unfilled orders for 787s total 1,030 jets, from 60 customers worldwide.

"This rate increase reflects the continued strong demand for the 787," stated Larry Loftis, vice president and general manager, 787 program, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "A disciplined approach that combined employee teamwork with technology was key to achieving the higher rate.

"The entire 787 team is now focused on capturing efficiencies at this historic level of production,” Loftis continued, “as well as meeting our commitment to increase the production rate to 12 per month in 2016 and to 14 per month by the end of the decade."

This airplane will be the fourth 787 operated by Aeromexico and will be used on the airline's Mexico City - London Heathrow route.

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