Envoy Air operates an all-Embraer fleet as American Eagle airlines.

Regional Airline Expanding its Embraer Fleet

Jan. 5, 2024
American Airlines’ subsidiary Envoy Air is acquiring 19 more Embraer E-Jet series aircraft this year.

American Airlines Group subsidiary Envoy Air will add 19 Embraer regional jets to its fleet during 2024, including eight Embraer E175s and 11 Embraer E170 aircraft. Neither Envoy nor Embraer reported the value of the new aircraft, though it’s been reported that some of the additions will be acquired from other airlines, and some new jets that will be delivered during Q4.

Flying under the American Eagle brand, Envoy is among the largest regional airlines in North America, serving 170 cities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

The Embraer E-Jet series are regional aircraft powered by twin General Electric CF34-8E turbofan engines. The E170 can carry up to 78 passengers in a single-class arrangement, and has a range of 2,150 nautical miles (2,470 miles /3,982 km.)

The Embraer 175 carries up to 86 passengers and a range of 2,200 nm (2,532 miles / 4,074 km.)

With the new aircraft, along with a total of 17 new E175s and five E170s that Envoy booked with Embraer during 2023, the American carrier will be expanding its fleet to 169 jets, all Embraer aircraft, 126 E175s and 43 E170s.

“This measured, sustainable success is a direct outcome of Envoy’s commitment to safety, quality, and cost,” stated Envoy Air president & CEO, Pedro Fábregas. “These three principles are central to everything that we do, and enable us to provide safe, high-performing, and cost-effective regional service for the thousands of customers we serve each day, for American Airlines Group and its shareholders, and for more than 19,700 Envoy employees in the Pacific, North America, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.”

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