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Latin American Carrier Orders More Dreamliners

Jan. 2, 2024
South America’s LATAM Group booked an estimated $1.2-billion order for five more Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets as it continues to modernize its long-range fleet.

Boeing closed 2023 with a new order from LATAM Airlines Group for five 787 Dreamliner jets, as that carrier expands its fleet modernization program to include a total of 46 of those twin-engine widebody jets. LATAM is one of the largest airline groups in South America, with domestic service in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, and international routes throughout Latin America and to Europe, the U.S., the Caribbean, Oceania,  and Africa.

Neither Boeing nor the airline reported the value of the order, but based on the list price for the aircraft LATAM’s booking could be worth up to $1.2 billion.

The 787 Dreamliner is a long-range aircraft with carrying capacity for 210 to 330 passengers and developed to achieve greater fuel-efficiency for long-range service (7,565 nautical miles / 14,010km.) The OEM claims that the 787 consumes 25% less fuel and creates 25% fewer emissions than the aircraft they replace.

Since the 787’s introduction in 2011, Boeing has logged orders for 1,843 Dreamliners, and as of December 2023 it has an order backlog of 744 aircraft.

"The 787 Dreamliner is perfectly suited to support LATAM Group’s sustainability and operations goals with its exceptional performance, flexible route capability and enhanced passenger comfort”, stated Mike Wilson, Boeing v.p. of Latin America and Caribbean Sales.

LATAM also committed to GE Aerospace’s GEnx engines to outfit the new aircraft, which will make it the first airline in South America to operate that dual rotor, high-bypass turbofan model developed for the Boeing 747 and 787.

“These actions are fully aligned with the commitment to sustainability and brings LATAM closer to the goal of becoming a carbon neutral group by 2050”, stated chief financial officer Ramiro Alfonsín. “The incorporation of GEnx engines is a decision that provides greater flexibility and options for the expansion of the long-range fleet. Furthermore, increasing the Boeing 787 fleet size will allow the group to operate with two different engine models, known for their cutting-edge technology and reduced environmental impact, in a complementary way.”

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