Boeing 737 MAX 8 illustrated in Aviation Capital Group livery.

Jet Lessor Raises Its 737 MAX Order

Sept. 6, 2023

A major aircraft leasing portfolio has booked 13 more 737 MAX aircraft from Boeing, including seven 737 MAX 8 and six MAX-10 jets. Though neither Boeing nor the customer, Aviation Capital Group, released an estimate on the value of the new order, it could be worth as much of $1.8 billion based on the book value of those aircraft.

Aviation Capital Group is a California-based leasing business with over 480 aircraft in its portfolio, leased to about 90 airlines around the world. With a business model that serves most major carriers in all major consumer and business markets, it’s expansion is apparently keyed to the projected demand for new aircraft to meet rising traffic volumes and fleet replacement programs.

The new placement increases ACG’s total orders for new 737 MAX jets to 47 aircraft. It also has orders in place for more than 50 other new aircraft.

The 737 MAX is also Boeing’s top-selling aircraft series, with over 4,900 outstanding orders.

"We are pleased to expand ACG's commitment to the 737 MAX program. This additional order will allow ACG to offer highly fuel efficient and versatile aircraft to our airline customers worldwide," stated ACG chief of Aircraft Operations, Steven Udvar-Hazy.

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