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Boeing Sees Huge Demand for Aircraft Workers

July 25, 2023
In line with anticipated expansion in commercial jets and the global aerospace sector, the OEM is forecasting a 20-year need for 2.3 million pilots, technicians, and flight crews.

Following its recent 20-year forecast for new commercial aircraft demand, Boeing Co. is projecting a need for 2.3 million new workers who will keep the expanding commercial aircraft sector performing and developing over the next two decades. The 2023 Pilot and Technician Outlook identifies a global need for 649,000 pilots, 649,00 technicians, and 938,000 cabin crew members by 2042.

"With domestic air travel fully recovered and international traffic near pre-pandemic levels, demand for aviation personnel continues to increase," Chris Broom, Boeing Global Services v.p. commercial training solutions.

Boeing has consistently documented the trends shaping the expansion of global commercial aerospace – principally the economic development of the Chinese and other Asian markets, as well as Latin America and Africa; and the rise in business and leisure travel worldwide.

In June, Boeing’s 2023 Commercial Outlook forecast that the global fleet will double over the next 20 years, to include 48,600 aircraft in service by 2042.

As for aviation personnel over the same period, more than half of the new hiring is seen happening in China, Eurasia, and North America. But the regions with the fastest growing demand for pilots, technicians, and crew members will be Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia, where new demand will almost double from the current levels.

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