The six models of the Giddings & Lewis V Series have table sizes from 800 to 2,500 mm, with standard features and a range of optional functions on a compact, cast-iron base.

Turning to Vertical Option for Versatility, Value

July 16, 2015
Fives’ V Series offers reliability and flexibility for high metal-removal rates for high-precision, high volume production Hydrostatic ram for heavy cutting, minimized friction Dual-scale feedback promotes precision, ensures parallelism Modular VLock tooling system

The vertical turning "space" has been the scene for much innovation by machine tool developers in recent cycles, and the six models of the Giddings & Lewis V Series, lately introduced by Fives Machining Systems, offers some new options for shops seeking a reliable system that is flexible enough to adapt to multiple set-ups, including pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, wheel hubs, or jet engine housings, just to list few examples of critical parts. Fives promises high metal removal rates and high precision, with standard features, for the U.S.-built vertical lathing platform.

The six models range in table size from 800 to 2,500 mm. Each has a hydrostatic ram that adds rigidity for heavy cutting, and minimizes friction to improve part finishing.

The hydrostatic wear-free guides require less maintenance.

The cross rail is a programmable positioning axis, infinitely adjustable, and able to handle a wide range of parts with minimal ram extension.

Dual-scale feedback promotes precision turning and ensures parallelism, while the hydraulic cylinder elevation provides 1000 kN (225,000 lb) of mechanical clamping force per side. These are standard features unavailable in other vertical turning center, according to the developer.

“The V Series is engineered to be flexible, reliable and affordable in response to feedback from our job shop customers,” offered Brad Nelson, V Series product manager at Fives Giddings & Lewis in Fond du Lac, Wis. “All models have a compact footprint, and there is no requirement for special foundations, so the machine can be easily relocated, if necessary.”

The Giddings & Lewis VLock tooling system provides a stiff interface for modular tooling adaptors, long cutting tools, and the optional heavy-duty right angle milling attachment.  

“Modular turning tools more than double the taper stiffness at loads up to 1,800 Nm,” according to Nelson. Also, standard modular tools offer a significant savings over the proprietary vertical lathe tooling offered on many vertical lathes. “Modular tools are also lighter, easier and safer to handle, requiring less time to maintain,” he noted.

Through-the-tool coolant and 8-bar (116-psi) flood coolant is standard, as is a 12-position tool storage disk. Among the options here are 70-bar (1015-psi) high-pressure coolant and an 18-tool storage disk. Other options include tool and part probes that increase utilization and ensure part quality, and enclosures from standard to fully enclosed.

The V Series is built on a solid cast iron base, with optional live spindle attachments and a C-axis table.

“By adding the V Series, starting with 800 mm tables, to our existing VTC Series of vertical turning centers, with swings up to 9 meters, we are positioned to offer manufacturers the broadest and best range of turning solutions,” according to Kevin Lichtenberg, Fives Giddings & Lewis vice president and general manager.

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