Okumarsquos MU8000V is designed so that the close proximity of the spindle and control panel in addition to easy access to the workpiece give quotsuperior operator functionalityrdquo according to the developer

Five-Axis VMC for Versatility, Accuracy

May 14, 2015
Okuma’s MU-8000V vertical machine has structure, CNC capacity for heavy-duty cutting Recommended for multi-sided machining. Rigidity, mobility, power for difficult materials, sizes Automation options

Okuma America is introducing a five-axis, vertical machining center it recommends especially multi-sided machining. Standard ball-screw cooling and a high-rigidity, left-right mobile trunnion table support high precision and power, and the low center of gravity in workpiece movement give the MU-8000V the ability to machine difficult materials and a wide range of workpieces.

The MU-8000V is available with a standard No. 40 or 50 spindle, providing a configuration for nearly any five-axis job, according to the machine builder. An in-machine coil chip conveyor allows chip discharge that is safe and reliable. The close proximity of the spindle and control panel, in addition to easy access to the workpiece, give the machine "superior operator functionality,” Okuma noted.

The MU-8000V design includes: X/Y/Z axis travels of 1,450 mm/1,050 mm/600 mm (57 in./41.3 in./23.6 in.); C-axis rotation of 360° (i.e., infinite); rapid traverse rates of 50 m/min. (1,969 ipm); rotation speed of 30/90 (A/C) rpm); and maximum load of 700 kg (1,540 lb.)

Maximum productivity is achieved with a wide array of automation options. The MU-8000V is designed so that the pallet is changed at the back of the machine, allowing easy connection to an Okuma Palletace flexible manufacturing system, pallet pool, large capacity ATC, and robots to deliver high productivity in addition to high accuracy.

Also, the MU-8000V can be equipped with Okuma’s Super-NURBS function, establishing the conditions for high feed rates and ultra-fine finishes. Optional Machining Navi monitors cutting conditions and displays optimal spindle speed to eliminate chatter. Five-axis auto tuning functionality is available to promote higher cutting accuracy by automatically measuring and correcting machine misalignments in minutes.

Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept and Collision Avoidance System are standard Intelligent Technologies that ensure consistent five-axis machining performance, “from the first part to the last, regardless of warm up time or ambient temperatures and the machine is protected from potentially harmful crashes,” according to the developer.

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