High-Volume Versatility for Automotive Machining with Vertical Lathes

April 9, 2015
Two vertical CNC machines for mass production and shorter cutting times, for discs, drums, hubs, valves High volumes of castings and forgings Single and twin-spindle versions; mill/turn option Geared drive system for high-torque turning

Hwacheon Machinery is introducing two new vertical CNC lathes — VT-450/VT-650 single spindle and VT-450/-650-2SP twin-spindle — designed for mass production in automotive machining programs, reducing cutting times for parts like brake discs, brake drums, hubs, and valves. The developer emphasized the rigid tool turret offers high-speed indexing, providing consistent and stable machining performance for high volumes of castings and forgings.

These machines can be built to feature the spindle on the left or the right side, or as

double machine where the operator can work on two machines with one control, the VT450/-650-2SP. Also, the machines can be provided with a mill/turn option, with 3,000-rpm spindle to provide even greater machining flexibility for completing more complex large parts.

Hwacheon’s “clean room” manufacturing achieves optimal temperature and humidity for super-precision, super-rigid spindles.

Hwacheon added that its custom Lathe Tool Load Detection System software constantly detects and diagnoses tool load during machining to reduce tool wear and prevent damage and optimize tool life.

Hwacheon’s VT-450/VT-650 single spindle and VT-450/-650-2SP twin-spindle vertical lathes can be supplied with a left- or right-side spindle, or as double machine to be operated with one control, the VT450/-650-2SP. The 3,000-rpm spindle provides machining flexibility for large, complex parts.

The machines provide, respectively, 24 in. and 35.3 in. swing over the bed and handle cutting diameters to 18 and 31.4 in. with 12 and 18 in. chuck sizes.  The maximum turning diameter zone is designed to provide interference-free operations, providing same maximum diameter at full length even on larger workpieces.

A rapid feed (X/Z) of 787 and 630 inch/min. permits quick tool positioning. An 8, 10, or 12-station servo-type tool turret on the VT-450/VT-650 series carries tools up to 2.5” dia. offers indexing time of just 0.2 sec. or less, helping to reduce overall cycle time.

The Hwacheon geared drive system allows for high-torque turning at low-speed and high-speed turning. The transmission and the spindle motor are designed separately so that the heat and the vibration generated from the transmission do not affect the spindle motor.

For the VT-450, maximum spindle speed is 2,500 rpm generated by an 18.5-hp oil-cooled spindle motor. The VT-650 spindle speed is 1,500 rpm.

According to the developer, the machines’ integrated 45-degree-angle, one-piece bed limits thermal distortion and absorbs vibration effectively, and it guarantees high surface quality and high-speed precision. Hand-scraped and polished guideways in all axes, and the rigid one-piece bed design mean that the VTLs are designed to absorb vibration and provide optimal stability in hard turning applications.

Finally, fast and effective chip disposal and the oil-water separation design contribute to production efficiency.

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