The JOC Premium II makes it possible to build component worksheets to manage multiple orders in support of multiple orders so programmers can send CAD files for tooling to one system and send orders for nesting to another

Revised Software Control for Managing Orders Efficiently

March 27, 2013
CAD import interface for background processing Parametric program file editors

Jetcam International – a CNC control program developer for laser, plasma, routing, waterjet, and flatbed cutting machines — released a new version of its Jetcam Orders Controller software that programmers and operators can use to build any number of component worksheets for nesting, quickly, either manually or automatically. JOC Premium II supports multiple Jetcam Expert CNC systems, so programmers can send CAD files for tooling to one Expert system, and send orders for nesting to another.

JOC Premium II has been re-written completely, according to the developer, and takes advantage of more powerful PCs and operating systems now in use. The new CAD import interface provides background processing, but also supports CSV import. This allows MRP systems to send lists of CAD files automatically, with full part programming information (PPI) for importing to Jetcam Expert systems. Then, native component files are created and tooled for any given machine automatically, and almost instantaneously.

JOC Premium II runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 in both 32 and 64 bit versions. It works with all Jetcam Expert Premium systems with the nesting interface module. Existing users with a current maintenance contract will receive the updated version at no additional cost.

It works with all native CAD files supported by Jetcam Expert, including DXF, DWG, IGES, SolidEdge, SolidWorks and AutoPOL formats.

A number of new functions have been added that increase the product’s capabilities. Users can select one or more components and immediately see which nests contain these components. Component graphic views are available on all relevant screens, with mouse panning and zooming. Parts can be easily identified on the graphic representation of the nest by simply clicking on the part number in the list. Cost estimation is displayed against each nest, taking into account factors such as material/scrap cost, machine/operator hourly rates and setup/unloading times. Right clicking on a nest allows for exporting of nest data to CSV for importing back to MRP. A comprehensive nest report in PDF format can also be instantly generated.

Complex assemblies, unlimited subassemblies

Complex assemblies can be constructed with unlimited subassemblies. Users can drag and drop files or folders into their assembly tree, or create assemblies automatically using the component folder structure on the user’s hard disc. Revision control for subassemblies is also covered, ensuring that the correct revision of a part is always used.

Once created, right clicking or dragging/dropping onto a worksheet can order assemblies or individual parts.

For customers with large numbers of parts or orders, the top of each page presents search, filtering and grouping options, allowing information to be narrowed quickly or grouped to the user’s requirements. This includes grouping by order, material, thickness or machine. Aspects of user interface are customizable, and the pullout side menu allows you to ensure that only essential information is displayed in the main window but that all other information is never far away.

Users of Jetcam Expert’s parametric programming modules benefit from built-in interactive and automatic parametric program file editors, and the ability to automatically and easily create automatic parametric programs.

The software is supplied with more than 30 tutorial videos that guide the user through all major features. Most users have been prepared to use the system with competence in less than an hour.

“JOC Premium II is a considerable step forward for customers looking for an automated and streamlined interface to remotely control component ordering and nesting across one or more Jetcam Expert nesting system,” according to Martin Bailey, general manager. “With the new automatic CAD import features, nest costing, parametric support, part identification, revision control and nest data export, JOC Premium II covers a much wider role than ever before.”

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