Solid Increase in June Cutting Tool Orders
As an industrial sector manufacturing technologyrsquos fortunes turn on other marketsrsquo activities
The Sabre wet blasting method improves the cutting quality for a range of tools without compromising controllability  The nozzle focuses blast guns on the faces and cutting edges so total coverage of tools is ensured
Mr. Grizotsky's Notebook
Seco Toolsrsquo Minimaster Plus replaceable milling tip system offers machine shops a versatile selection of endmill inserts and shanks including new highfeed milling head designs with internal cooling capability
The Cool InjectionPlus PCD monoblock cutter was codeveloped by Lach Diamond and Audi AG
Manufacturers’ Demand for Cutting Tools Slipped in May
Roumlhmrsquos eQUIPMENT clamping tools for turning and milling machines are actuated electromechanically so they require energy only ldquoon demandrdquo during clamping and disengaging actions The machine control electrically manages clamping forces and strokes optimally adjusting them to save time and expedite processing of delicate workpieces Forces can be adjusted during an operation too
The contouring head has a standard Capto C8 interface and loads tools via the machine39s automatic toolchanger