Inconex M8 end mills combine optimized geometry with a chip-creating capabilty to extend standard service life.

New End Mills Set New Productivity Standard

Jan. 8, 2015
New Inconex M8 six-flute line extends tool life up to 3X in high-temp alloys Inconel, Hastalloy, Waspalloy, more Extensive product testing “Chip-creating” design

IMCO Carbide Tool is introducing a new high-performance end mill designed specifically to overcome the challenges of machining in high-temp alloys. Following extensive product testing versus an array of competing product designs, as well as against IMCO’s Omega-6 series end mills, the cutting tool developer is claiming its new Inconex M8 series end mills will last up to three times longer than the competitor’s best designs, and twice as long as its own Omega-6 products.

“The new Inconex line is a real breakthrough in productivity for machining in Inconel, Hastalloy, Waspalloy, and similar high-temp alloys,” according to IMCO president Perry Osburn.

“Today’s high-temp alloys were engineered to hold up under some of the worst conditions on the planet,” explained v.p. - Operations Matt Osburn. “When you’re machining, those same high-strength properties become barriers to productivity. They can chew through conventional cutting tools in no time.” 

Inconex M8 Series tools are designed with high-strength properties and a special “chip-creating” design to break through those barriers, and keep cutting. These tools feature a carbide core with 20% higher transverse rupture strength and six flutes with optimized rake and relief angles for maximum cutting edge engagement. Advanced AlCrNX coating protects the tools’ specially engineered cutting edges from the intense heat generated in the cutting zone.

The chip-creating design was explained by IMCO’s application support team leader Steve Avers. “Each cutting edge is specially shaped to reduce edge-wearing stress in the cutting zone. An added benefit of the new design is much smaller chips that can be easily flushed from the work zone.”

“With increased demand for high-temp alloys in the aerospace and energy industries, Inconex M8 Series tools will fill a real need for longer tool life,” according to IMCO sales manager Tim Elfreich. “It’s a big step ahead.”

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