IMCO Carbide Tool developed the Omega M726 and M725 end mills to address the specific difficulty of machining in hardened steels

‘Next Wave’ End Mills Increase Productivity

April 3, 2014
Tests run three times longer Up to 58-62 HRC, running wet or dry Six flutes = more engagement

IMCO Carbide Tool is claiming a metalworking “breakthrough” with its new series of Omega M7 end mills. “Omega M726 and M725 end mills are specially designed to overcome the unique challenges of machining in hardened steels, even up to 58-62 HRC, running wet or dry,” according to IMCO president Perry Osburn. “We’ve produced significant increases in tool life – and corresponding savings in tool costs – by applying our advanced understanding of cutting technology to make sure our end mills are the best they can possibly be.”

The product development effort brought out changes to corner geometries, a 50° helix angle, improved cutting edges, and an advanced AlTiNX coating to protect cutting edges from heat generated in the cutting zone, even under extreme cutting conditions. (Details are available online.)

Six flutes provide more cutting edge engagement per rotation for more inches per minutes in hardened steels, and extra strength for remarkably longer tool life. Running dry requires machinists to use modern high-speed, high-efficiency machining techniques and continuous toolpaths.

Tested on A2 steel at HRC 60 using 1/4-in. diameter end mills at 0.25 in. axial DOC, and 0.015-in. radial DOC, IMCO reports that the Omega M726 end mill lasted over three times longer than comparable tools, and even than the original Omega M706 product.

In addition, it said the M726 end mill provides reliably superior finishes in a range of non-hardened materials.

The new Omega M7 line is available in sizes from 1/8 in. to 3/4 in., and in various lengths with neck relief and corner radii as standard options. Sizes 1/8 in. to 3/16 in. have five flutes for maximum chip evacuation and are designated the M725 series. All other geometries on M725 end mills are the same as those on M726 end mills.

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