2G End Mill Called Powerhouse of Productivity

Feb. 2, 2012
Reinforced edges and a new coating multiply the metal-removal rates
IMCO Carbide Tools’ new Pow•R•Feed M924 end mill was tested in-house, removing 470% to 907% more metal per tool than a comparable tool in 17-4 PH stainless steel and 4140 steel, respectively. In titanium, the M924 removed 46% more material than the competitor’s tool.

This month IMCO Carbide Tools plans to roll out the second-generation version of its Pow•R•Feed M9 Series, the new Pow•R•Feed M924 end mill, indicating its in-house testing results show metal-removal rates that are 470% to 907% higher per tool than comparable products now commercially available in 17-4 PH stainless steel and 4140 steel (respectively.) For milling titanium, the results found that the M924 removed 46% more material than competing tools.

Calling the new tool “a powerhouse for productivity,” IMCO president Perry Osburn said the M924 “outperforms even the original Pow•R•Feed M904 in every metal we’ve tested, and if you know machining, you know the M904 is no slouch. That’s why we highly recommend the M924 for higher-volume operations.”

IMCO sales manager Tim Elfreich emphasized the importance of two new features of the M924 design: an AlCrNX engineered coating, and reinforced, optimized cutting edges. Both are credited with extending the life of the end mill. In addition, to the optimized rake and relief angles, and free cutting action of the previous M904 design, Elfreich said these new developments elevate the potential for metal removal rates and tool life, and make even higher feed-rates achievable.

“It has a 38° helix, creating a higher-than-usual shear plane,” he said. “The result is a much higher feed rate compared with other ‘general-purpose’ cutting tools.”

The M924 has reinforced cutting edges to resist chipping and excessive wear, even in demanding applications. And, the AlCrNX engineered coating has been demonstrated as offering better heat protection for significantly longer tool life.

“I’ve said it before: we only introduce a tool when we’re sure there are real, reliable benefits for our customers,” Osburn observed. “The Pow•R•Feed M924 is the real deal. It’ll help end users put more metal on the floor and more profits in their pockets.”

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