EdgeCAM Offers v12 for NC programming

EdgeCAM (www.edgecam.com)
says its new release, version 12, expands on its 5-axis machining capabilities and delivers improved CAD data management, faster toolpath generation and new options for hole cycle optimization. Version 12 extends the range of 5-axis machine tool support to include head/table configurations for both simultaneous and positional work. This is supported by full machine simulation to aid visualization of the machining process and verify work setup. The complete machine, including all table/head and tool movements can be displayed, helping to ensure safe operation and process optimization. EdgeCAM says users of version 12 will benefit from faster toolpath generation for 3D solid model geometry with prismatic slice output in rough machining. This, together with toolpath smoothing, generates true arcs based on the target geometry, giving improved accuracy and efficiency, as well as greatly reducing the size of the CNC files.

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