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Increase Your Profit Per Part with Cobot Machine Tending Solutions

An American Machinist-New Equipment Design-hosted webinar sponsored by Universal Robots

This webinar was originally broadcast on November 9, 2023. 

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Every manufacturer is looking for the same outcome: production at the lowest possible cost per part. Don’t get caught thinking throughput equates to the best profits. This is compounded with the current global staffing challenges, slowing down most businesses. Luckily these businesses are supported by advanced technologies to automate high-mix, remedial, and heavy-duty machine tending tasks involving CNCs, stamping presses, injection molding machines, and press brakes.

Tune into this webinar to hear from Brian Conner, CSI/CSP Program Manager from Universal Robots, and Graham Francis, VP of Lights Out Manufacturing. Together they will explore the benefits of cobot machine tending, how to achieve an ROI quickly, and how to select a good application.

Attendees will learn:

  • Good criteria on how to compare various solutions on the market
  • How to get started with cobot machine tending
  • Why machine shops should consider automating sooner rather than later

Brian Conner | CSI / CSP Program Manager – U. S. and Canada| Universal Robots

After earning a degree in International Business from Southern Illinois University, Brian entered the manufacturing world in 2007 focusing on helping manufacturers with factory automation. After serving for ten years in the industrial coupling industry with R+W, Brian entered the world of collaborative robots through end of arm tooling, eventually transitioning to Universal Robots in 2019, where he spent nearly four years as a Channel Development Manager in the Midwest.

Today, he is leading the Certified System Integrator Program in the US and Canada, with a focus on helping integration companies find success solving everyday manufacturing challenges, from throughput and quality to cost reduction and labor reallocation, through the deployment of collaborative robots

Graham Francis | Vice President | Lights Out Manufacturing

From childhood curiosities around inventing, Graham Francis began his journey in the world of mechanical engineering - sparked by an early fascination with Lego Robotics and the FIRST Robotics program. Earning dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology, Graham honed his skills in a machine shop while attending college. He subsequently contributed to the custom plastic injection molding industry, overseeing processes from part design to global production in locations like China and Mexico.

Transitioning into machine tool sales, Graham spent five years assisting machine shops in Montana and Idaho with their manufacturing needs, introducing them to advanced robotic solutions. Today, he serves as the VP of Lights Out MFG, leading as Universal Robots' top certified systems integrator for machine tending. With a rich history in engineering and automation, Graham is a beacon of expertise in modern manufacturing solutions.

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