Wireless Tool Control System Designed to Eliminate Fastening Risks

Wireless Tool Control System Designed to Eliminate Fastening Risks

Wireless Tool Control System
Wireless Tool Control System
Crane’s Wireless Tool Control System is designed to eliminate risks in fastening operations

Crane Electronics Inc. (www.torque-2-crane.com/) has developed a wireless tool control system that it say assures that the correct torque tools selected for fastening operations in vehicles.

The system is designed to provide complete control over the selection and use of digital torque wrenches in assembly operations, and the company said it is totally secure and uses wireless connectivity.

The system requires an the operator to log-on at the start of a work shift, with a unique password or ID badge. It recognizes the vehicle being assembled via a Vehicle Identification Number barcode or the VIN number itself, and selects the correct socket to be used for particular applications on that vehicle. It transmits details of the torque tasks to the digital torque wrench only when the correct socket has been selected. To prevent operator error, measurement is only possible if the correct socket is selected. To assist the operator an LED display indicates which socket has to be used.

The digital torque wrench receives the torque requirements and specifications automatically via Bluetooth from a wireless control system and instructs a sequence of fastenings to be carried out, and it recognizes if a mistake has been made, such as accidental repeat operation.

The digital torque wrench automatically records its actions and initiates the transmission of the torque readings back to the wireless control system. These results can be printed out, saved, analyzed and reported as well as being exported to quality control systems.

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