Video System for Borescope Applications

Video System for Borescope Applications

Video SystemGradient Lens Corp. ( has developed a video system that is designed to work with borescopes to capture, share and store images collected in borescope inspections.

The company said its Luxxor Video System connects to most borescope brands and can be used to discover product flaws early in the manufacturing process.

The Luxxor Video System provides the ability to:

  • Document inspections and store video or still images on a computer hard drive.
  • Share inspection images via e-mail or hard copy.
  • Hold group reviews of inspection images displayed on a video monitor.
  • Conduct repetitive inspections while relieving the physical and mental fatigue of inspectors.

The Luxxor Video System includes a Sony XC -555 video camera; a Luxxor 24 light source, a Luxxor light guide; a Luxxor video coupler lens, a USB image capture interface, and a storage case. The complete system sells for under $4000. Borescopes are sold separately.

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