Tool Position System for Threaded Fastener Assembly

Tool Position System for Threaded Fastener Assembly

Stanley Assembly Technologies ( has developed a Tool Position System that uses position monitoring technology to monitor an assembly tool location and set specific control parameters for each fastener.

The Tool Position System is available for articulating arms, from 10 Nm to 4000 Nm.

A sequence of xyz fastener positions can be programmed to ensure assembly to specifications, and a socket tray option enables different bolt sizes in a sequence.

The Tool Position System is designed to make production more accurate and operators more efficient by allowing the setup of sequential assembly operations, Joe Haluska, manager of Systems & Service at Stanley Assembly Technologies, said.

The Tool Position System features Include:

  • Color Touch Screen Panel HMI Available in 5 in. or 10 in. sizes.
  • A programmable logic control with built-in power supply.
  • An interface to auxiliary devices. Storage of as many as 50 unique part patterns.
  • And simple-to-use “Teach Mode” for position, parameter, socket position and tolerance band.
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