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Surface Probe Calibrator

Surface Probe

Omega Engineering has developed a surface probe calibrator designed to calibrate and verify surface probe readings from 25°C to 450°C (77°F to 842°F).

The company said its CL 1600 probe is a rugged, compact bench top device that provides a 120 mm (4.75 in.) diameter high-grade aluminum surface, and is built around one of its PID temperature controllers. It features fast heat-up, stable readings and a uniform heated surface area, and is provided with a built-in RS232 communication, cable, free measurement and control software, 5-point NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate and operator’s manual.

It is recommended for testing and calibrating surface probes and sensors. Prices for the CL 1600 start at $2,995.

Separately, Omega engineering has developed a universal wireless transceiver interfaces to any RS232 device, and is designed to send signals from RS232 communications wires to USB ports.

The company said a simple connection to an RS232 device and to a wireless receiver module on a personal computer allows any RS232 device to act as if it is directly connected. Also, the wireless receiver can operate multiple wireless transmitter modules as far as 120 m (393.7 ft) on a clear line of sight in portable or in fixed-mount industrial applications. Prices for the wireless transceiver start at $159.

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