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A Smart Robot Gripper

Applied Robotics Inc. ( has developed an intelligent, closed-loop direct-drive gripper that is designed to deliver precise gripping capabilities.

The gripper has a powerful programming interface, and can be integrated with most commercially available robots.

Applied Robotics said its Smart Gripper features accurate robotic finger positioning, adjustable grip force, easy installation and requires no external controller.

The gripper uses a universal operating platform and closedloop encoder-based positioning of robotic fingers. The company said it provides precision and flexibility to applications while increasing efficiency.

Its gripping fingers can be designed by the user, or provided by Applied Robotics, Inc. It is operated by 24Vdc discrete signals for use with any robot controller.

Motions can be preprogrammed into the Smart Gripper’s non-volatile memory for recall later, triggered by the robot controller’s discrete output lines. As many as 32 programs can be selected with the gripper’s five discrete input lines.

The “Smart Gripper” can also provide status back to the robot controller using the gripper’s three discrete output lines.

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