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Semi-synthetic aerospace coolant

Valenite LLC has added Aerotech VP, a semi-synthetic fluid developed for the aerospace industry and difficult-to-machine titanium alloys to its line of coolants.

The company said the coolant provides increased throughput and productivity, and extends tool life nearly three times, as well as demonstrating good biostability that translates to longer sump life.

Valenite said its coolant engineers created Aerotech VP to address the conditions found when machining titanium and other super alloys.

An extreme-pressure package controls heat and removes it from the cutting zone. The result is a cutting fluid that extends tool life and reduces expenses related to toolchange time and insert indexing that can delay production time. Aerotech VP also is designed to reduce the potential for catastrophic tool failure that could result in scrapped parts.

Due to the rapidly expanding use of titanium, Aerotech VP was designed to work with 5553 and 6AL4V alloys that are traditionally poor heat conductors, springy, and notoriously difficult to cut.

Titanium also has a small application range of speeds and feeds compared with other materials that Aerotech VP addresses. As a semi-synthetic, the fluid contains a high percentage of oil to reduce friction, and water to remove heat.

Aerotech VP is for operations such as milling, drilling, turning and grinding other materials.

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