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RFID Tag Functions Directly on Metal Surfaces

RFID Tag Functions Directly on Metal Surfaces

RFID tag functions directly on metal surfaces

Confidex has launched the RFID tag SteelWING, a passive highfrequency (UHF) tag that supports the EPC Class 1 Generation 2 specification.

The tag offers a read range of up to 32 ft and has an adhesive backing so it can be directly attached to a metal surface and still perform without any spacer material between it and the metal surface.

According to Confidex, SteelWING can also be attached to other materials, though it will operate with slightly reduced performance when not attached directly to a metal surface.

SteelWING is equipped with NXP Semiconductors’ G2XM chip, which has extended user memory. The company also says it can deliver the SteelWING with pre-encoding or a customer-specific label visually showing the encoded data in bar-code or human-readable form.

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