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Rehab Device to Counter Repetitive Motion Injury

Rehab Device to Counter Repetitive Motion Injury

The Xtensor exercises hands to relieve repetitive motion stress

A Melville, N.Y., company has developed an award-winning device that is designed to counteract the effects of repetitive motion injuries for hands.

Clinically Fit Inc. ( introduced its The Xtensor hand exercise device in 2007, and it won a 2007 Medical Design Excellence Award for new rehabilitation/sports therapy products.

The device is designed for people whose work requires heavy use of their hands, including machinists.

The device exercises the muscles that open the hands with force; moving in the exact opposite motion to the muscles used to squeeze and grip, which the company said helps to improve strength, flexibility; improve dexterity and minimize exposure to repetitive stress.

The Xtensor is available online at It costs $37.

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