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Not all doom and gloom for some, a large global online marketplace for the manufacturing community, reported that 45 percent of the 570 North American Suppliers that responded to its January, 2009, MFGWatch Survey are projecting growth in 2009.

And 28 percent see their business as remaining at last year’s level.

As far as growth potential is concerned, 36 percent are expecting growth between 1 percent and 24 percent in 2009, while 9 percent project growing between 25 percent and 50 percent. About 28 percent see no growth for 2009.

To acquire new customers in 2009, 24 percent of respondents plan to increase their web presence, 19 percent intend to enter new markets, 16 percent will attend more trade shows, 12 percent are retaining a sales representative or broker, 8 percent are expanding their outside sales staffs, and another 5 percent are expanding inside sales teams. 17 percent were not employing any of these tactics.

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