News: Industrial Metal Supply Co.

Industrial Metal Supply Co., of Calif. and Arizona, has invested nearly $2 million in equipment, facilities and people to create a new division that is designed to deliver previously unavailable services.

The company’s Laser Services Group will use new laser cutting technology to help customers make better products, more cost-effectively and more competitively.

The new technology, known as FabriGear 300, comes from Mazak Optonics Corp. (

The 3D laser cutting system has six axes for cutting large sizes of tubes and pipes that are round, square, rectangular or triangular, in addition to I beams, H beams, C channel, angle iron and other shapes.

Material feeds under the FabriGear’s laser cutting head and rotates and positions as the laser cuts, creating shapes out of the material. However, the system’s special capability is that the laser cutting head will actually tilt and swivel to cut perfect bevels, even in thick-walled materials.

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