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New Deburring Brushes

New Deburring Brushes

Deburring Brushes

Weiler Corp. has introduced a new line of high aggression, compliant deburring tools.

The company’s Burr-Rx brushes are made with black nylon filaments that are co-extruded with high aggression ceramic grains, and are designed to cut four times faster than standard silicon carbide filaments.

The company said the extreme aggression of its new brushes reduces cycle times by allowing high feedrates and short dwell times. In addition, Weiler said the brushes can remove burrs that were previously impossible to remove with conventional nylon abrasive filament brushes. In addition, the company said its disc brushes are manufactured by a new process that results in a consistent, flat brush face to provide more consistency from first part to last.

The Burr-Rx disc brush is designed to be mounted in CNC machines directly onto a shell mill holder. A separate drive arbor is not required.

The Burr-Rx composite metal hub wheels offer a 50% higher filament density than ceramic grain.

Burr-Rx brushes are especially well-suited for deburring materials such as Inconel, stainless steel and titanium and are also available in stem-mounted wheel, mini disc brushes and banded end brush configurations.

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