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Multi-Channel Metrology Display

Solartron Metrology ( has introduced a six-color, multi-axis metrology display.

The SI 7500 Series multi-axis metrology display is designed to connect directly to the company’s Orbi Network and accepts as many as 16 Orbit Module inputs, including digital probes, linear encoders and analogue input modules.

The multi-channel metrology data logger and six-color LCD features a highly visible intuitive display, audio cues and user-defined formulas.

The SI 7500 series also reports dynamic minimum/maximum measurements, provides SPC analysis from an integrated database and offers connectivity to PCs and other peripherals. Its 16-channel capacity can handle as many as 100 parts, allowing it to store, retrieve large amounts of shop floor data.

Orbit controllers and modules perform measurements as well as some control functions and can be networked together into a highly versatile plug-and-go measurement system. The Orbit Network is able to host a variety of third-party sensors in addition to interfacing with other Solartron products to provide a complete dimensional measurement and data acquisition system.

Solartron Metrology is a unit of AMETEK, Inc.

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