Mahr Federal Height Gage Provides Three Ways Measure

Mahr Federal Height Gage Provides Three Ways Measure

Mahr Federal ( has introduced a height measuring instrument that provides with three distinct ways to initiate measurement.

The company said its innovative Digimar® 817 CLM Height Measuring Instrument allows:

Normal, keypad initiation.

A quick-mode feature that permits the measurement cycle to be started by pushing the carriage in the direction of the object that is to be measured.

And, a “Speed Keys” initiation that has two keys on the machines base that allow the operator to move the measuring carriage to the desired position to start a measurement.

Mahr Federal said the machine reduces inspection time for a mini series that consists of a few test pieces. The company also said the machine features an easy-to-program Teach-In Mode.

The measuring machine has other features as well.

It has an air bearing system that is designed to facilitate smooth movement for positioning.

An optical incremental measuring system with a double reader head that is insensitive to dirt to ensure accuracy and reliability.

A dynamic probing system that is designed to provide high repeatability, and a stainless steel guide column with precision ball bearings precisely tracks the measuring head.

The system also provides temperature compensation with an integrated temperature sensor, and includes an integrated, rechargeable battery to provide a long operating time span.

The operating unit on the Digimar 817 CLM can be positioned freely with a swivel arm, and features a large back-lit graphic LCD display and clearly defined function keys. Operation is easy, with self-explanatory ISO standard icons, operator prompts, and menus in several different languages. The Digimar 817 CLM is available in three column heights with measuring ranges of 14 in. (350 mm), 24 in. (600 mm), and 40 in. (1000 mm).

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