Magnetic Slide Conveyors

Magnetic Slide Conveyors

Magnetic Slide ConveyorsStorch Magnetics ( has introduced a new series of magnetic slide conveyors that are ruggedly built for long life and after many years of service can be rebuilt for extended life because of a 304-stainless steel rebuildable track.

Storch Magnetics said its slide conveyors are liquid tight and have no external moving components. All moving conveyor components and drive train are lubricated by a sealed oil bath and, because contaminants can’t infiltrate the conveyor’s interior, the company said the life of the chain and track are extended.

Storch Magnetics offers five standard conveyor profiles: 2.75 in., 3.5 in., 5 in., 8 in. and 11 in., with widths from 4 in. to 36 in., and capacities from 150 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. per hour on a single conveyor. The company also builds custom engineered magnetic conveyors.

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