Low-foaming cutting fluid

Low-foaming cutting fluid

low-foaming cutting fluid

A new semi-synthetic cutting fluid, KoolRite 2365, has been introduced by JTM Products Inc. The fluid is a high-performance metalworking coolant, specially formulated for high-pressure applications that traditionally have created foam control problems.

Containing mineral oil and extreme pressure additives, the coolant can be used with cast iron, all steels, and non-ferrous metals except magnesium. JTM Products said the product has superior machining performance on aluminum, delivering tool life and surface finishes unattainable with other coolants.

In addition to controlling foam from high-pressure chip removal systems, KoolRite 2365 coolant will not stain nonferrous metals and has good corrosion protection for ferrous metals. It is formulated with JTM BioArmor technology, making it highly resistant to bacterial and fungal growth, yielding a long sump life and eliminating the stench associated with most coolants. It does not remove paint or damage machines or seals.

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