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Low-foam emulsions

Low-foam emulsions

Master Chemical Corp. has introduced its new premium lowfoaming emulsion, Trim E906. This formula is said to deliver consistent machining and grinding performance on a wide range of materials and applications.

“E906 is the newest technology added to our emulsion-based cutting platform,” said Global Marketing Manager David A. Barned. “The stable and predictable performance of E906 makes it a good choice for manufacturers doing work for industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, and energy, and specialty job shops. Using E906 on the newest CNC machine tools that use highpressure, high-volume, through-thetool coolant systems will help plants maximize their productivity.”

E906 provides a long operational life without the need for costly additives. The emulsion is effective in a wide range of operations from production surface and centerless grinding to heavy-duty broaching, gear hobbing, surface, pocket and thread milling. “In high-speed turning and milling, E906 has the right balance of cooling and lubrication to provide long tool life and surface finishes because its tight emulsion reduces carry-off and gets the fluid to the point of cut,” said Barned. E906 also protects machine tool surfaces while preventing sticky ways, chucks, toolholders, and fixtures. E906 does not contain or test positive for phenol and is easily removed with water, working solution or Trim Clean aqueous cleaners. E906 is also easy to recycle or dispose of with conventional techniques and equipment.

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