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Long-Term Protective Wrap for Components

Protective wrap that can be used on large or small products

A company in Minnesota has developed an ecologically friendly protective wrap that is designed to keep large and small, highvalue components free of corrosion either in storage or in shipment.

Birchwood Casey (www. said its Intercept Protective Wrap provides long-term corrosion protection without volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) or other chemical substances.

The company said its chemicalfree protective wrap has a patented function that neutralizes and removes corrosive elements inside the package to protect sensitive or high value components for up to 20 years in normal warehouse conditions. The company said its wrap is more effective than VCI wrap in preventing corrosion in many applications, and is much safer to use for the environment, for the parts being wrapped and for workers handling the product.

The wrap can be used to ship and store machined components or entire machine tools. It is available in several forms including pre-sized, zipclosure bags, large gusseted tote-bin size bags, stretch film and 48-in. flat stock. The stretch film can be used to enclose pallet-sized loads, machinery and other large assemblies.

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