Lift Trucks That Can Be Customized

Hyster Co. ( has developed a new line of lift trucks that cdan be customized to suit specific shop needs.

Hyster said its Fortis line of lift trucks represents a transformation in the way lift trucks are designed, built and acquired.

They are offered with multiple powertrain configurations to meet specific application requirements and business objectives, and to optimize productivity, dependability, and cost of operations.

The Fortis line of lift trucks covers a capacity range of 2,000 lb to 15,500 lb, with both cushion and pneumatic tire classes, and multiple engine choices consisting of gas, LP and diesel.

Hyster said its Fortis line of lift trucks can decrease downtime by as much as to 30 percent, and can save more than $2,200 per year in operating costs.

The company said its Fortis concept simplifies lift truck purchases with a tiered system of preconfigured engine-transmission bundles to allow users to choose from a variety of packages to maximize purchasing power and increase overall return on investment.

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