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Laser Design Probes for Coordinate Measuring Machines

Laser Design Probes for Coordinate Measuring Machines

Laser Design CMM integrated laser

Laser Design Inc. (, a leading supplier of 3D laser scanners, said its precision linelaser Surveyor Laser Probes (SLP®) now are fully integrated with Wenzel CMMs.

This means that Wenzel CMM systems can be retrofitted with Laser Design laser scanning probes for increased speed in all types of simple and complex measurement applications.

The Laser Design CMM laser probe package is designed to mount precisely and take full control of the system’s motion control electronics with the Surveyor Scan Control software. The software also controls the Renishaw PH10 motorized indexing heads.

Laser Design also offers an optional 4th axis, high-precision rotary stage. The PH10 and rotary stage options allow automatic unattended scanning with the laser probe.

Once the laser kit is installed, the Wenzel CMM can output high density scan data to the system’s bundled software for both inspection/verification and reverse engineering solutions. The 3D laser scanning inspections are fully automated and accurate to 12 microns. Results are shown via color error maps comparing the scan data to the original CAD model. Specific feature measurements can also be extracted from the point cloud data and, once set up, reports are generated automatically.

The company said laser scanning typically is ten times faster than the most advanced touch probes’ speed; and that its SLP lasers are able to collect more than 75,000 3D coordinates per second. CAD surface models are output in the IGES or STEP formats, or as parametric solids models.

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